Health Insurance 101: An Orientation

Learn the Basics of Health Insurance  

If you work in health care, you know how quickly things are changing. Taking a course in health insurance basics may be just what you need to help you better understand and manage those changes. Health Insurance 101: An Orientation, is designed as a refresher course for people with busy lives. The online format allows you to review the material at your own pace and in the sequence you choose.

It’s Excellent for New Employees Too
This course also serves as an easy and flexible introduction to health insurance for those new to the industry. By taking this course early in their careers, new employees will become even more productive sooner. Plus, they will better understand the roles of their co-workers.

Customize Your Course* 

If you have unique training needs or wish to supplement the course, we can customize it accordingly. The course's flexible format allows us to incorporate your exclusive products into the curriculum. It will become a course designed solely for your employees.

Click here for more information about the course. If you are interested in customizing this course, e-mail Lindsey Canaley at or call the Support Team at 800.509.4422.

*For bulk purchases only.